Guru Dorje


  Guru Dorje, Program Manager

LCN Employee Since 2002

Guru has a Masters in Education from Antioch University and a BS in Biology from the UW.  When he was two, his family immigrated as refugees to the U.S. from Tibet via Nepal.  As a result of his experience as an immigrant and the poverty he faced growing up in Seattle's Central District, Guru has been driven to give back to his community through education.  He has been teaching for 17+ years, has established a value-based education model off which LCN is based, and enjoys pushing students to think about the philosophical implications of their thoughts, words, and actions.  Outside work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, writing, reading, philosophizing, and serving in community projects.


Denise Juarez


  Denise Juarez, Administrative Specialist

LCN Employee Since 2003

Denise started her career working with Head Start and in Early Childhood Education to promote school readiness for children.  She decided to move to a more administrative role when she transitioned to working for King County Work Training Program ten years ago.  Since then, she has kept the doors of Learning Center North open by mastering complicated budgets and maintaining our enrollment as a program.  She is a hot yoga enthusiast, enjoys basketball, and has two beautiful children with whom she spends most of her time outside of work.


Benito Juarez


  Benito Juarez, Social Worker/Case Manager

LCN Employee Since 2003

Benny has a BA in Spanish with a Teaching concentration from Central Washington University.  He has been working in the case management field since 1988, which he was first drawn to because of his desire to help students figure out their way academically.  At LCN, he excels at supporting students in their pursuit of academic and career success.  He is bilingual and enjoys drawing during staff meetings.  He has a great family and loves spending time with them people-watching by the waterfront and playing Batman Lego.  He is also a parent of a soon to be very successful college senior.


Cindy Mix 

  Cindy Mix, Social Worker/ Case Manager

LCN Employee Since 2010

Cindy has a Master's in Agency Counseling from Seattle University and a BA in Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles.  She worked at the Orion Center, a drop-in center for homeless youth, for seven years before coming to Shoreline Community College, where she worked as a Case Manager for Career Education Options for nearly 11 years.  She recently transitioned to working at LCN, where she helps students reduce barriers to success and serves as an excellent bridge for students to the CEO program.  She enjoys singing, golfing, coaching, and playing cribbage.


 pratnakao   Pratna Kao, CEO/WIA Case Manager

CEO/LCN Employee since 2003


Pratna has a BA in Sociology from the University of Washington.  He began working as a Case Manager for King County nearly 12 years ago, and has worked with the CEO Program for almost 9 years.  He is an excellent resource to both LCN and CEO students and he excels at connecting students with the resources they need to find success in college.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, as well as dominating people in Words with Friends and Scrabble (he is open to a challenge if you dare!).


Shelby Sleight


  Shelby Sleight, Education Coordinator

LCN Employee since 2011


Shelby has an MA in English Literature from Wake Forest University.  After finishing her graduate degree, she moved to Dayton, Ohio to spend a year of service with Literacy AmeriCorps.  In Dayton, Shelby taught ESOL classes and worked with students in ABE and GED classes.  At Learning Center North, Shelby works with students to overcome the challenges posed by math, writing, and life.  In addition to her work as an associate faculty member with Shoreline's ABE department, Shelby enjoys hanging out with her people, crochet, reading, and film-watching.



Caitlin Cordell, Employment Specialist
LCN Employee since 2011


Caitlin has a BA in Comparative American Studies with a focus on Identity and Diversity from Oberlin College. She came to LCN after three years at the YMCA where she was the Leadership Development Coordinator for teen programs. Caitlin has extensive experience in building programs that partner with community organizations and she is happy to be doing more of that at LCN, where she works with over 25 different private and public sector employment sites that support her students in work experiences. Currently, Caitlin is studying at the University of Washington to obtain her Master's Degree in Social Work with a concentration in Community Centered Integrative Practices. In her free time, she enjoys playing sports, cooking, and sharing stories with her amazing friends and family.



Jen Miller, College Navigator

Seattle Education Access

LCN Community Partner since 2012