Choral/Vocal Ensembles

Calling all Singers!  

Chorale Ensemble Auditions

Audition to become part of SCC's Choral Ensembles this Fall.

Date/Time: To Be Announced 

Location: Music Bldg. #800, Rm. 818

Please call 206-546-4742 to schedule an audition time.

  • Students do not have to prepare a vocal selection. The main emphasis is demonstrating vocal range and tone, aural skills, and music reading ability.
  • New students interested in Chamber Chorale (MUSC 175) and/or private voice instruction (MUSC 170) must audition.
  • All students, new and returning, interested in Shoreline Singers (MUSC 135) must audition.
  • Class Voice, (MUSC 161,162,163): no audition necessary.

For more information contact:

 Dr. Fredrick Lokken


Meg Stecker-Thorsen 

Chamber Chorale Directed by Dr. Fredrick Lokken

The Chamber Chorale is a group of 30-40 singers that performs mainly Classical literature, often with orchestra. The Chamber Chorale tours every year and performs their own concerts in the Fall and Spring quarters. In the Winter, they become the opera chorus for the Opera Workshop productions. All new students interested in Chamber Chorale must audition. Students who have formerly been a member of of the Chamber Chorale are not required to audition again.

Shoreline Singers Directed by Dr. Fredrick Lokken

The Shoreline Singers is a 12-16 voice a cappella ensemble. The Singers perform a wide variety of music including madrigals, vocal jazz, spirituals, world music, and more. As the unofficial “musical ambassadors” for the college, they perform over a dozen concerts on campus and throughout the community each year. All new and returning students interested in joining Shoreline Singers must audition.

Small Vocal Ensemble Directed by Dr. Charles Enlow

In the Small Vocal Ensembles Class, intermediate and advanced voice students are given an overview of available vocal ensemble literature and its historical context, then are assigned one or two pieces to be performed late in the quarter. During Fall quarter, the main concentration is opera; winter, “legit” music theater and operetta; spring, ensemble song literature by classical composers. More advanced students may choose to concentrate on one or two mediums throughout the year. For more information, please contact Dr. Charles Enlow at