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The Music Technology program at Shoreline Community College is designed to familiarize the student who is interested in music merchandising, audio engineering, Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) composition/production, and performance practice with the current trends of the profession.



Shoreline Community College offers the most comprehensive Music Technology Program in the Washington State college system. The program offers AAAS degrees in Digital Audio Engineering, MIDI Music Production, Merchandising, and Performance. Additionally, the program offers a summer Digital Performer certificate option. The combined experience of the Music Technology faculty covers all areas of the music and audio industry, from engineering and production to performance and composition.


Students in the Music Technology program have access to the cutting edge Shoreline Community College recording studios and labs. The four main studios and two instructional labs consist of the latest in industry standard hardware and software. Students gain expertise in specific software platforms, such as Digidesign Pro Tools, MOTU Digital Performer, Propellerheads Reason, and Ableton Live as well as general production techniques, such as multitrack recording, surround sound mixing, and sound design for visual media. To learn more about the facilities visit the SCC Studio website.


In addition to world-class faculty and facilities, one of the program's biggest assets is its unique student body. The program attracts students from all corners of the state, the country, and the globe. Every year, small class sizes, intensive collaborative projects, and a shared passion for music transform the Music Technology student body into a close-knit community.


Digital Audio Engineering  

The Digital Audio Engineering option prepares students for careers in linear and non-linear digital applications. Audio engineers use hardware and software to record, store, and edit musical and non-musical sounds. The development of multimedia, the Internet, and capacity improvements in personal computing have created a variety of occupations built around the development and use of platform-specific tools for linear and non-linear digital audio production. Our program provides students with an overview of music theory, performance, audio recording, digital and analog audio technology, Internet and multimedia and game development. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in CD and DVD audio production, radio and television broadcast production, and audio for video post-production and sound design. - Digital Audio AAAS


MIDI Music Production

The MIDI Music Production option is designed to prepare students for a career in music studio production and related occupations. This program provides students with a broad base of knowledge in Musical Instrument Digital Interface Technology (MIDI) including MIDI music production, sequencing, synthesis and sampling. Students develop "hands-on" skills in modern MIDI technology. They learn how to use MIDI as a tool to manipulate sound and create music. The program also includes an overview of the principles of music theory, audio recording and music arranging. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in radio, television, advertising and audio recording studios as well as churches, synagogues and other environments where MIDI technology is used. - MIDI Music Production AAAS


Music Merchandising  

The Music Technology Merchandising program option is designed to prepare students for a career in music merchandising and related occupations. Students learn the fundamentals of music theory, along with the basic elements of merchandising including marketing, salesmanship, legal issues, business math and practical accounting. In addition, students develop related skills in professional communications and human relations. Depending upon personal interests and career interests, students also choose from a wide variety of electives in music performance, business management, contract administration, commercial law, MIDI, radio and television production, and audio recording. - Merchandising AAAS



The Music Technology Performance degree option is designed to prepare students for a career in music performance and related occupations. The program provides students with a foundation in music theory and applied music including options for participation in concert bands, jazz, choral and bluegrass ensembles, orchestra, opera, musical theater and voice-dance theater.   Depending upon their personal and career interests, students may choose from a variety of electives in television production, digital audio recording, MIDI music production, music appreciation and commercial music in theory and practice. - Performance AAAS