The Piano Division features internationally recognized faculty members dedicated to offering superior instruction and diverse performance opportunites to SCC students and our community. The piano program offers master classes with guest artists, frequent student recitals, and jury recital examinations each quarter. Additionally, Shoreline Community College hosts the SCC Piano Series, a concert series that funds several scholarships available to piano students.

Opportunities for Piano Students


Students enrolled in Music 180 and 280 are eligible to perform in quarterly Student Recitals. Each student performs a recital-style jury at the end of each quarter.

Piano Ensemble

The Piano Ensemble rehearses weekly and performs at the Small Ensembles Recital at the end of each quarter.

Piano Accompaniment Experience

SCC piano students have opportunities to accompany voice classes, as well as other student performances on campus.

Piano Club

The SCC Piano Club sponsors extacurricular activities for piano students, such as; master classes, workshops and tickets for piano recitals. Facutly advisor: Helena Azevedo. 

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