"As a student parent and work study employee at Shoreline Community College, I am grateful and feel blessed to have the Parent-Child Center as a part of my community. As a young mother they have enabled me to aspire to be a successful student and the best mother that I can be. I feel at ease having my daughter nearby while attending classes, studying, and working. As a breastfeeding mother I am able to feed her conveniently. They have created a safe, warm, fun and educational place for my daughter as well as, an enjoyable work place for me. I hope that they continue to enrich the lives of both children and parents, as they have for mine, for years to come."  -- Rachel H.


"One of my favorite first memories of visiting Shoreline Community College was walking around the beautiful campus and hearing the sound of children laughing. Along came a group of children, walking with their teachers. The children looked happy. The teachers looked happy. Being that I was returning to school and in need of child care for my son Nathan, I immediately investigated the Parent-Child Center. It was a perfect match for my family!  The school provides fabulous and healthy meals for the kids. I appreciate the involvement that the PCC has with the rest of the campus. Nursing students have come in to teach the kids proper hand washing. The dental hygiene students recently gave a presentation to the kids, and my son was very impressed by all of their tools! Walks to the automotive center and the art building are unique and valuable experiences. I have greatly appreciated the teachers and staff at the PCC. I know when I drop my son off each day, he will learn, have fun, and be cared for by an amazing staff."  -- Stephanie N.