Phlebotomy Program Application Process

1. Apply

  • Submit your application packet in person or postmarked during the week of January 22-26, 2018
    • Early or late applications will not be accepted.
    • On the application you will indicate if you wish to start during the Spring or Fall quarter.
    • Attendance of an Information Session is required for all applicants.

2. Screening of Applications

  •  A Criminal History Background Check will be submitted. Applicants with no entries or records will be reviewed for program requirements:
    • Completion of the application form and submission of requested items
    • Proof of High school diploma or GED certificate 
    • ENGL 099 completion (unofficial transcript) or placement into ENGL&101

3. Lottery Selection

  • Applicants meeting program requirements and passing a criminal background check (no records) will be selected by a lottery process for admission. Applicants will be notified by email of a program admission offer.
    • Applications with lottery numbers 1-10, those applicants will be offered Spring/Summer program admission. 
    • The next 10 lottery numbered applications; those applicants will be offered Fall/Winter program admission.
    • The next 10 lottery numbered applications; those applicants will be placed on a waitlist for these program times. 
    • Any applicant not offered admission at this time may reapply for admission the following year.

4. Acceptance

  • Acceptance forms will be emailed to selected applicants.
  • Individuals on the waitlist will be notified of their status.
  • Acceptance forms must be returned by the deadline listed on the form. If this form is not returned by the deadline, an alternate applicant from the waitlist will be offered admission.

5. Additional Open Spots

  • If space becomes available for Spring, students admitted for Fall quarter will be contacted first to fill those spots. This may open an opportunity for someone on the waitlist.
  •  If there are an inadequate number of applicants to fill open slots, the application process may be re-opened.