Room Rental Application

If you would like to contact us to make an appointment, please provide information below:

This form is to be submitted by applicants applying to rent facilities at Shoreline Community College, 16101 Greenwood Avenue North, Shoreline, Washington, for the purpose of  non-curricular activity(s), seminars, workshops, conferences and/or events. All events must conform to the Shoreline Community College (SCC) mission and general policy.  For college policy and rules for college facility rentals, please contact the Facility Rentals Office at 546-5863.  

Requests for facilities use for a college sponsored event or event associated with college activities should be made directly to the campus scheduler on-line via the SCC Room Rentals Application link available through on the SCC Intranet 

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete all fields with the requested information. Incomplete forms will not be processed. This form must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to requested use date. This is just an Application. The SCC Facilities Rental office will contact you regarding confirmation of the proposed dates and mail you the Contract for Facility Rentals. Rentals are not confirmed until all signatures have been obtained from the SCC representatives and the client, and deposit(s) are received.  


Applicant Information

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Event Information

Detailed description of Activity, Seminar, Conference or Event (Be specific and complete) If applicable, please include name of  event, fundraiser, test, or any commercial or political activity.*  


Names of participating artists or performers, lecturers or instructors. If more than one performer will be utilizing the SCC facilities, please note all performers/performances with separate dates.          


Number of Anticipated Participants/Audience: *

Will this event be attended by the public?*
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Will a registration or admission fee be charged?*
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If Yes, state amount, and give contact with phone # and/or web address where registration fees or tickets can be purchased*         


Will food or beverages be served at this event? Yes No
Please note that some areas of the campus may not allow outside food and beverages.

Will you require catering services for food or beverages?Yes No
Shoreline Community College exclusively uses Chartwell's catering for on-site food services. If you want more information and price quotes, please  check the link on the Facilities Rental Home Page under "Catering".

Do you plan on serving alcohol? YesNo
If your event will be serving alcohol, you MUST obtain a letter of approval from the SCC Vice President of Administrative Services at least 1 month prior to the event date. This letter must be submitted to the local liquor board for you to  receive your liquor license specific to the event stated in the rental contract with SCC.   A Banquet permit may also be necessary to obtain for your event. Applications can be obtained from Chartwell's catering at the PUB (Pagoda Union building) on campus.


Dates requested*:


  Date Date Date Date Date
Date(s) for this activity
Event Start Time A.M. /  P.M.
Event End Time A.M. /  P.M.
Room # or Space Requested - if known
Additional Room or Space Requested
Estimated Attendance
Set-up time:       
Tear down time:


Additional rental dates , if event is reoccurring. Please specify:       



Special Request Items

Indicate any of the following items that may apply to your Shoreline Community College facilities rental use. Please contact the Facilities Rental Office at 206-546-5863 or email for more specific information and pricing details of space configurations and availability. Additional fees may be assessed.







Custom layout (you must fax
or mail a drawing to the
Events Manager)



Please indicate if you have a special configuration or room layout preference for your event, and provide a floor plan to the Facilities Rental office at least 2 weeks prior to the event.          


Are additional chairs, tables, staging, electrical, podium, special equipment, etc. required? 
Please specify:


Media Center equipment (e.g. sound system, computer, projector) or media support services required. Please specify:


Special custodial services required. Please specify:
Please note that Shoreline Community College may require custodial service provided by SCC for your event. Associated costs may be billed to the event organizer or budget.


Special Security services required.
Please note that Shoreline Community College may require you to hire public safety officers for your event. Associated costs may be billed to the event organizer or budget.