How to Apply to Running Start

Our application and registration deadlines are: 

  • FALL 2015 September 21
  • WINTER 2016 December 31
  • SPRING 2016 March 25

Please complete these 6 simple steps PRIOR to the deadlines above.


Step 1: Schedule and Take the COMPASS Test

Make a testing appointment with the Testing Center. You must take the COMPASS test to determine your readiness for English and Math Courses. It is mandatory to take the English part of the test. If you want to take a math class or other classes that require a certain math placement, you also need to take the math portion. You must place in English 101 in both Reading and Writing to qualify for Running Start.


Step 2: Complete the Application

After you take the test, take your results to the Running Start office (Rm. 5229). Complete a Running Start Application for Admission and submit it at the same time with your test results.


Step 3: Obtain an Official High School Transcript

Request an official transcript from your high school counseling office. Bring this with you to your Orientation.


Step 4: Go Online for Orientation

Complete Running Start's online orientation.  Also, browse the Shoreline Community College class schedule,  keeping in mind your high school graduation requirements and your high school schedule.


Step 5: Meet with Your High School Counselor

Meet with your High School Counselor to complete the Running Start Enrollment Verification form, listing the class(es) you wish to take. We strongly recommend that you include a list of alternate classes as well. For every quarter you attend Running Start you must complete this form. This form must also be signed by your parent/guardian, even if you are 18 years old.


* Please note, for students applying for the Fall quarter, we advise you to try to complete this step before the school year ends, as you will not have access to your high school counselors during Summer break. Otherwise, you may have to wait until they become available when the school year resumes in August.


Step 6: Attend an Orientation & Registration Session

You will schedule a Orientation and Registration session when you submit your application and test results in our office, or you may call 206-546-6906 or 206-546-4559. You must attend this session to register for classes.


Bring your:

  1. Signed Running Start Enrollment Verification Form
  2. High school transcripts
  3. Orientation quiz