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Career Opportunities Interpreter, Translator, Educator (junior high/secondary/higher education), International Business, Researcher, Publishing/Editing, International Music and Art, Political/Diplomatic Careers, Computer/Technology Industries.


Transfer Degree: Associate of Arts Degree 

Designed to provide students with a broad liberal arts background of study during their first and second years of college with an emphasis on world languages. The state's two-year and four-year schools developed transfer agreements that allow students from a community college to transfer at least 90 credits (60 semester credits) to a four-year college or university. The degrees satisfy some or all general requirements for a bachelor's degree.



1. Which languages does Shoreline Community College offer?

We offer courses in ASL ,Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish.


2. Do you offer second-year courses?

We offer second-year courses in Japanese (221/222/223) and Spanish (221/222/223).


3. I have taken language classes in high school. Which Shoreline class should I register for?

Generally, one year of high school language classes is equivalent to one quarter of Shoreline language class. For example, if you have taken two years of high school Spanish, we generally would recommend that you start with third quarter Spanish (Spanish 123) here at Shoreline.


4. How much language do I need to receive an Associate Degree from Shoreline?    
    How much language do I need to take to transfer to a four-year institution?    
    How much language do I need to graduate from that institution?

No language courses are required to receive an Associate Degree from Shoreline. Many four-year institutions, however, require transfer students to World Languages.



As a student at SCC, you will have the opportunity interact directly with our outstanding, award-winning faculty who are interested in your education goals. Our faculty are available to answer your questions. 


Amelia D. Acosta (Spanish) | 

   Office  5300, (206) 546-5818,


Mayumi Steinmetz  (Japanese) | Faculty home page

   Office 5323, (206) 546-5887,


Richard Jacobs  (American Sign Language) |

   Office 5318,

   To contact by phone, dial 711 (off campus phones)

   and relay the phone number: (206) 546-4647