Campus closed Thurs., Nov. 23 and Fri., Nov. 24
Campus and college services will be closed Thurs., Nov. 23 and Fri., Nov. 24 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, and will return to normal operating hours on Mon., Nov. 27. 

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State and local laws pertaining to alcohol use 

  • If is unlawful for any person under the age of 21 years to acquire, possess, or consume any alcoholic beverage, or for any person to provide such beverages to someone under 21. [RCW 66.44.270] 
  • No functions that involve the service or consumption of alcohol may take place at the college without a State Banquet Permit. [RCW 66.20.010] 
  • Alcoholic beverages must not be sold on college property without a State Liquor License [RCW 66.20] displayed in plain sight at the location of the event. [RCW 66.24.010(7)] 
  • It is illegal to have an open container of alcohol or to consume alcohol in a public place, which includes college hallways and lounges, athletic areas, sidewalks, parking lots. [RCW 66.04.010(23) and 66.44.100] 
  • No activities by liquor manufacturers or importers or their representatives to promote the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages are allowed on college property. [RCW 66.23.160] 
  • It is illegal to serve alcohol to anyone who appears intoxicated. [RCW 66.44.2000]