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Student Success Stories

Mike Gonzalez Estrada

“The shoreline Chem faculty/program deserves all the recognition and attention it can get! Thank you so much for everything the last few years as well as the letter of recommendation you gave me.”

Graduated 2016 University of Washington, Seattle, WA, Bachelor of Science in Biology: Animal Physiology and currently Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at Washington State University, Class of 2020

Adinda Syahputri

“…I miss our small classroom where I know all the people. All the classes I am taking here (Minnesota) are fill up above 100 people. I miss how every lecture in your chem class had little story sub in.”

Currently studying Chemical Engineering at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN.

Rie Schur

I would like to say that the science education that I received at SCC was first-class.  I felt extremely prepared in the sciences when I entered medical school.  You and Karen (Kreutzer) taught me how to think and approach problems scientifically, and the lab experience I received was definitely of university level or higher. Exposure to scientific databases and peer-reviewed research give students important practical experience and definitely prepared me for my current studies…I could gush endlessly about you and Karen and the other science and math professors as SCC.  I really miss my studies at Shoreline.  I am lucky that I chose SCC for my pre-req work.”

Currently attending: Bastyr University – Naturopathic Medicine (ND)

Before coming to Shoreline Community College - Bachelor of Arts: Boston University - Italian and Master of Arts: Seattle University - Education   

Robert Louis Stone III

“You provided so much support and help during my struggles when I was there and I am forever grateful for her kindness…I hope it will inspire someone. Thank you, it is very humbling.”

Currently attending: University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy -Stockton, California

Before coming to Shoreline Community College - Bachelor of Arts:  University of Washington – Class of 2011 - American Ethnic Studies

Michelle Shen Yan

“I think our organic chemistry courses have definitely prepared me for more advanced science classes at UW. I really miss how I could directly ask you a lot of questions during your office hours, which is not easy to achieve in a big university. I also miss the interaction and discussion in our classroom, which I have not seen in my biochemistry class with 300+ students.”

Currently studying Biochemistry and Psychology at University of Washington, Seattle, WA

 She is passionate about healthcare and education. In her free time, she enjoys catching up with friends.

Worked for International Community Health Services (ICHS)

Chris Dyer

“You are very wise Linda and I hope one day I will have the joy and passion for pharmacy as you do for teaching and helping students realize their abilities.”

Admitted UW School of Pharmacy fall 2016


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