Social Work & Human Services


Length of Program: 90 Credits Completion Award: A.A. Degree


Faculty and Advising Contact


Lawrence Clarke

Rm 5307


Program Description

The 90 credit Associate in Arts transfer degree is designed to meet the general education requirements at Washington State four-year institutions and prepares students for baccalaureate degrees in Social Work, Social Welfare, Family and Human Services. Students who major in Social Work or Human Services often go on to graduate school to complete a Master’s degree in Social Work or related fields in Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Sociology, Law and Education.


Social Work and Human Services — What is it?
Students interested in the study of Social Work and Human Services are committed to promoting human growth and development through education, public health, human welfare and social justice. They are typically social activists, connecting individuals and families with resources to meet basic needs and improve the quality of life.

Contemporary issues in Social Work and Human Services:

Community Service, Chemical Dependency, Counseling Theories and Practice, Multicultural Competencies, Marriage and Family, Poverty and Inequality, Aging and Elderly Services, Child and Social Welfare.


Career Opportunities — What can I do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work/Human Services?
Students who major in Social Work or Human Services develop strong communication skills, as well as critical thinking, resource management and advocacy skills. They often work as social workers, counselors, case managers, probation officers, professors, researchers, consultants and/or mediators.

Potential employers include:

Governments Agencies, Non-profit Organizations, Mental Health Agencies, Public and Private Schools, Colleges and Universities, Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, Courts and Correctional Facilities, Advocacy Groups, Foundations and Self-employment/Private Practice. For more, please visit Career Counseling.


Transfer Possibilities — Where can I transfer?

An Associate Degree from Shoreline  makes it possible for students to transfer to public and private colleges and universities throughout the U.S. with junior standing. Shoreline also has agreements with several universities to make transferring even easier. Please visit our  transfer agreements page  for a list of those options.  For transfer within Washington State, we offer a special degree called the  AA-DTA . For international students, Shoreline also has  conditional admission agreements  that allow a student to be simultaneously accepted by Shoreline and a university of the student's choosing.