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  1. Upload an image with this submission form to represent your calendar item. Just do a quick Google image search and grab an appropriate image (that is not copyrighted) from there.
  2. In the "web link" and/or "notes" field of this form include a web address (URL) linking to more information, a Facebook event page, or both!
  3. Ask the Public Information Office to:

*For the electronic signs, it would be helpful if you could submit a Powerpoint slide with your desired information. Then, PIO can edit it, if necessary, so it can display appropriately on the signs.

Signing in to submit events is optional, but there are plenty of benefits for you, especially if if you're a regular submitter.


All entries will be reviewed by the Public Information Office prior to posting. If you have any questions about or difficulties with the submission process please contact PIO via email or 206-546-6659.