Wireless Service

Wireless Service:

Instructions For Portable Computer Users

Network accessibility for portable computers

There are six active Ethernet data ports located in the main library and one in the student lab in the lower level of the library. The data ports in the main library are located at the three round tables just north of the reference desk. There are two data ports activated at each table. The data port in the open lab is located adjacent to the printers on the south end of the lab.  This project is intended to enhance the student experience by expanding access to Internet based research information.  Additional student access points will be provided in the future as resources permit and demand justifies.  Wireless access is provide on three levels of the Library as well as the PUB and student lounge.  Click "Wireless Service" above for more information.



Use college cables if provided.  If a cable is not provided use a standard Ethernet patch cable with RJ-45 modular connectors.  Configure your computer to use DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).  Plug the cable into the Ethernet port of your computer (Do not plug it into the modem port).


Conduct and acceptable use

This service is provided for the purpose of conducting education related research.  Server services, including file, music and video sharing services, are not permitted. Users of this service are bound by college policies and all applicable state and federal laws.  Network activity may be monitored.  Any activity that unnecessarily uses up network bandwidth or interferes with college operation will result in loss of privilege to use this service and may result in additional sanctions.



Shoreline Community College is not responsible for damage to personal computers that may occur either directly or indirectly as a result of utilizing this service.  Damage to hardware or software may occur from improper connection, system compromise or electrical anomalies.