Visual Communications Technology


Career Opportunities

  • advertising/marketing agencies
  • design and multimedia studio
  • production and publishing
  • game and animation studios
  • visual support departments

Program Advisor

Mary Bonar, Program Manager

Room 2057



Al Yates

Room 2054



Christine Shafner

Room 2055




Shoreline Community College

Visual Arts

2000 Building

16101 Greenwood Ave. N

Shoreline, WA 98133




Program Description

The two-year Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree in Visual Communication Technology prepares its graduates for first-time employment in the varied and rapidly changing field of visual communications. The program seeks to provide a comprehensive background for its students as well as opportunities for specialized study within the diverse areas of the industry. Entering students - who may begin any quarter - pursue an integrated program of foundation courses in art and design, computer graphics, visual communication media, business and communications. More in-depth information can be found on the Shoreline Visual Arts Program Website.

Degrees and Certificates

Transfer Degrees

Short Term Certificates

Gainful Employment

Program Options

Students may add additional specializations to their two- year degree by taking extra courses. All programs of study emphasize portfolio development. Students are encouraged to seek industry experience through internships during their second year of study.


Graduates may find employment in a variety of settings including advertising agencies, publication houses, public relation firms, commercial graphics companies, visual support departments, printing departments, news agencies, print shops, digital service bureaus, software development companies, digital media companies, photo-processing companies, and the Internet. Some companies have in-house production departments while others subcontract with advertising agencies and independent designers.


Innovations in computer technology continue to rapidly change and expand the field of visual communication, in general, and the Visual Communication Technology Program at Shoreline Community College in particular. The following courses of study are subject to change. The student entering the program should expect these changes and stay in contact with vocational advisors in their area of study. Please note that courses indicated as Art XXX or VCT XXX are currently being developed, and that some changes to course titles and descriptions are pending. Programs of study may be changed by students with the consent of the Visual Communications Technology faculty and the Humanities Division Dean. Students who do not start Fall Quarter may find that conflicts in course scheduling may require a longer time to graduate.


Certificates of Completion for focused programs of study and one-year Certificates of Proficiency are available as alternatives to the two-year degree.


Students complete General Education requirements, VCT Foundation requirements and VCT Degree Option requirements as described below.