Graphic Design


Graphic design is all around us. It plays an essential role in our daily lives. In today’s world, communication is increasingly visual. Technology brings us capabilities to deliver visual content that is not just printed, but also interactive. This content needs to be organized in usable forms. Graphic designers are needed to create so much of what we see today: print design, packaging design, interfaces, web pages, advertisements, marketing and branding materials, environmental signage and more.


Methods used for visual communication continue to evolve at a rapid pace. As students learn to use the latest software tools for design, they must also learn to use the most important tool: their creative minds. The ability to conceptualize and “ideate” is a necessary survival skill in this creative industry.


Our program sets itself apart from the rest by a real-world emphasis on the three points to success: concept, training and support in using software as a tool, and on building your best portfolio.