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Drawing    |    Painting    |    Ceramics    |    Sculpture    |    Printmaking


Drawing is the most basic skill needed to succeed in all the visual art disciplines. Whether you go into fine art, graphic design, or web design, there is no tool or technique that can replace the knowledge and ability to see and interpret the visual world than is acquired by learning to draw well. In the drawing series you will begin to explore a variety of approaches to the two dimensional surface and become familiar with the language and concepts of drawing and the tools of the trade: charcoal, pencil, ink line and ink wash.


Contour, gesture, value studies, perspective, proportion, and composition are addressed through interpretations of the still life, landscapes, interiors, and the figure. Students completing the series can feel confident in increased visual skills as they proceed to the fine or applied arts. The drawing course series can also be counted part of the foundation requirements of the Associate of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art which is an excellent preparation for transfer to a BFA program in art at a four year college.