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Drawing    |    Painting    |    Ceramics    |    Sculpture    |    Printmaking


Sculpture classes at Shoreline introduce students to three-dimensional sculpture: what is it, how do we make it and what do we have to say about it? Through lectures, demonstrations, exercises, projects and critiques, students develop a vocabulary of various materials, tools, techniques and visual concepts. Students explore the process of transitioning from an idea, to a two-dimensional sketch, to a three-dimensional object. With a variety of classes offered at different levels in different media (like wood, glass or plaster) students learn a variety of technique (hand building, construction, carving and mold making) they build on from class to class.


As the student advances, they further develop necessary skills and techniques to help execute their concepts. Three-dimensional design and sculpture courses can be taken as foundation and concentration curriculum in the Associate of Fine Arts degee in Studio Art and may be part of a pathway to a BFA degree at a four year college.