(Preparing for) Physician Assistant

Program Description

The 90 credit Associate in Arts transfer degree is designed to meet the general education requirements at Washington State four-year institutions and includes courses to prepare students for Physician Assistant (P.A.) programs. Some P.A. programs, including all programs in Washington State, require extensive clinical experience prior to admission and students need to complete a degree in nursing or another allied health program and work in the field before applying to a Physician Assistant program. Many P.A. programs outside of Washington State require volunteer experience, but not a previous clinical job. For more Health Professional Preparation visit http://sccprehealthnotes.wordpress.com.

Physician Assistant — What is it?

Physician Assistants (P.A.) work directly under the supervision of doctors; they examine patients, order diagnostic tests, prescribe medication, and perform basic medical procedures to treat common illnesses and injuries. Most P.A.’s work in primary care while others may specialize in such areas as surgery, pediatrics or emergency services.

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Faculty and Advising

Joyce Fagel

Leoned Gines
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Judy Penn
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Areas of Study in Physician Assistant:

Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Family Practice, Clinical Medicine, Maternal and Child Health, Emergency Medicine, Behavioral Medicine, Rural Healthcare and Underrepresented Populations, Medical Procedures, Public Health, Leadership and Management, Professional and Medical Ethics.


Career Opportunities — What can I do with a Degree in Physician Assistance?

Physician Assistants (P.A.) develop strong critical thinking, problem solving, communication and technical skills to provide direct patient care in a number of health care settings. In addition to patient care, P.A.’s manage health care facilities, conduct research, teach classes, promote wellness, and provide leadership in the health care field.

Potential employers include:

Hospitals, Health Care Clinics, Physician’s Office, Colleges and Universities, In-Home Health Care, Government Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations, Business and Industry. For more, please visit Career Counseling .


Transfer Possibilities — Where can I transfer?

An Associate Degree from Shoreline  makes it possible for students to transfer to public and private colleges and universities throughout the U.S. with junior standing. Shoreline also has agreements with several universities to make transferring even easier. For transfer within Washington State, we offer a special degree called the  AA-DTA . For international students, Shoreline also has  conditional admission agreements  that allow a student to be simultaneously accepted by Shoreline and a university of the student's choosing.

Length of Program: 90 Credits Completion Award: A.A. Degree

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