Program Description

The 90 credit Associate in Arts or Associate of Science transfer degree is designed to meet admissions, general education and major program requirements at Washington State four-year institutions. After deciding a major program of study, students should consult the appropriate program planning guide for a list of degree and course requirements.

Pre-Law — What is it?

Preparation for law school requires development of strong research, communication and analytical skills. Students are encouraged to explore the various specializations in law and choose a bachelor’s degree based on their area of interest. Some of the most popular majors include: Business, Communication Studies, Economics, English, History, International Studies, Law and Justice, Multicultural Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. Any bachelor’s degree, including degrees in physical sciences, can be good preparation for law school.

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Steve McCloskey
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Sample Areas of Specializations in Law:

Business/Corporate Law, Civil Rights Law, Criminal Law, Commercial and Real Estate Law, Environmental Law, Estate Planning, Family and Juvenile Law, International Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Labor and Employment Law.


Career Opportunities — What can I do with a Juris Doctorate degree in Law?

The practice of law requires strong reading, writing, speaking and negotiation skills. Lawyers must analyze problems, gather evidence, research the law, interpret the law, synthesize information, present arguments, write legal briefs, and give legal counsel. These skills can transfer to multiple career opportunities.

Potential employers include:

Law Firms, Private Practice, Federal, State and Local Governments, Court Systems, Colleges and Universities, Public Advocacy Groups, Non-Profit Organizations, Foreign Service, Businesses and Corporations. For more, please visit Career Counseling.


Transfer Possibilities — Where can I transfer?

An Associate Degree from Shoreline  makes it possible for students to transfer to public and private colleges and universities throughout the U.S. with junior standing. Shoreline also has agreements with several universities to make transferring even easier. For transfer within Washington State, we offer a special degree called the  AA-DTA . For international students, Shoreline also has  conditional admission agreements  that allow a student to be simultaneously accepted by Shoreline and a university of the student's choosing.

Length of Program: 90 Credits Completion Award: A.A. Degree


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