Computer & Electrical Engineering

Program Description

The Associate in Science Transfer (AS-T) degree is designed to prepare students entrance into a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program in Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering. This AS-T degree is a Major Related Program detailing university requirements in the sciences, mathematics, computer science, communications and engineering so students will be ready for junior standing. Students will be required to take additional courses after transfer to fulfill general university requirements. Computer and Electrical Engineering is also an excellent major for graduate studies in Computer Science, Engineering, Law, Business and Education.

Computer and Electrical Engineering—What is it?

Computer and Electrical Engineering are intrinsically intertwined. While Computer Engineers focus specifically on the design, implementation and operation of computer hardware and software systems, Electrical Engineers design, develop and test all devices and systems that use electrical and electromagnetic energy. Both majors build on a solid foundation of math, science, computer science, engineering design and communications.

Areas of Study in Computer and Electrical Engineering:

Electrical Circuits, Linear Systems, Thermodynamics, Engineering Problem Solving and Design, Data Structures, Microprocessors, Digital Operations and Computation, Electromagnetic Waves, Wireless Communication, Computer Programming, Operating Systems and Networks.

Career Opportunities

What can I do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer & Electrical Engineering?
In addition to strong technical, scientific and problem solving skills, engineers often rely on team work and clear communications to manage projects effectively. These skills apply to a wide range of careers in such areas as hardware research and design, software and electrical engineering, management, teaching, sales and consulting.

Potential employers include:

Engineering Firms, Manufacturing Firms, Semi Conductor Companies, Computer Software and Hardware Companies, Wireless Communication Companies, Government Agencies, Colleges and Universities. For more, please visit Career Counseling.

Transfer Possibilities—Where can I transfer?

The AS-T makes it possible for students to transfer to a number of public and private colleges and universities in the U.S. with junior standing.

Program Faculty Advisors

Eric Basham

Room 2809
(206) 546-4625

Alison Armstrong

Room 2810
(206) 546-4698

Stephanie Diemel

Room 5356

Joyce Fagel

Room 2814



Program Description

Length of Program: 101-108 Credits
Completion Award: A.S.-T Degree